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Electro Acupuncture


What is electro-acupuncture?


Dr Kenyon's research has shown that there are significant advantages of Electro Acupuncture over traditional needle acupuncture.


Traditional acupuncture involves the placing of needles into the body at various pre-determined points, depending on the ailment being treated. This is obviously an invasive process - and one which many people cannot bear to undergo.

The placing of the needles is highly critical. Modern research has shown that a typical treatment point is only 1/2 mm across (1/50 of an inch) and the level of skill required to locate such points is extremely high. Even a slight error of judgement means that the point may be missed and the subsequent treatment less effective.


Good accurate needle acupuncture can be over 85% effective. However, it is most effective when treatment can be given daily for a few weeks. High-quality, daily treatment is usually impractical for the vast majority of people due to time restraints and the high cost. In addition, as we mentioned before, many people are not happy with the thought of being punctured by needles on a daily basis. 


This is the method of using minute electronic pulses to stimulate the body's own healing system. Instead of an invasive needle being placed into the flesh, a simple probe is placed on the surface of the skin and a series of pulses is transmitted through the skin into the damaged cells.

This method is obviously much simpler and, being non-invasive is readily accepted by prospective users - they are totally at ease during treatment, which in itself is a contribution to the healing process.


It is important to not only treat acupuncture points, but also to locate the treatment points precisely and quickly.





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