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Electrodermal Screening (EDS)



Safe and inexpensive diagnosis by galvanic skin measuring instrumentation is presently available but underutilized. Electrodermal screening (EDS), is a testing process in which measurements are obtained using a specially designed galvanic skin measuring instrument (EDSD).


Theoretically, EDSD measures the bioenergy that flows along meridians (paths of energy). These are the same meridians (paths of energy) that are the focus of attention by acupuncturists.



Measuring meridians involves observing and recording the initial galvanic response value (GV) and any immediate decline in the galvanic response value (DGV). An initial GV of approximately 50, followed by little or no DGV is interpreted as a normal finding. Initial GVs over 60 may be indicative of a bioenergy imbalance that leads to an inflammatory reaction by the body. GVs below 45 may be indicative of a bioenergy imbalance leading to the development of a degenerative process. The decline in the galvanic response value is considered to be an important indicator of a systemic condition.


Remedy testing

Often times, supplements (vitamins, minerals, herbs, homeopathics, and floral essences) are successful in the correction of bioenergetical imbalances. Determining which supplements, if any, will be effective in rebalancing the bioenergy is accomplished by electrodermal screening (EDS). EDS has been shown to be of value in testing for allergies , the presence of environmental xenobiotics/pollutants i.e. insecticides, and the effects of biologically active substances.


Current Research

Twenty studies using the EDS have been completed by the AABEM. Presently, eight have been translated into English. In the first study, 11 patients receiving treatment in a family practice were observed. Conditions seen included peptic ulcer, appendicitis, chronic chorea, and cancer of the colon, breast and uterus. In every case, the GV findings matched the findings of the standard diagnostic tests.


In the allergy study, allergy symptoms were assessed by standard diagnostic methods and by EDS. EDS correlated closely with accepted criteria, particularly the food rechallenge test, considered the most reliable method of testing for food allergies.


Studies have been conducted in diabetes mellitus and hypertension. It was clearly shown that it was possible to differentiate normal from abnormal organ and system function by measuring bioenergy at specific points.




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